Along the Pacific Crest Trail
by Bart Smith, Karen Berger, and Daniel R. Smith

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4 out of 5 stars

This is a wonderful journal-style book of Karen Berger and Daniel R. Smith's 1997 adventure along the 2,658 mile long Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).  Karen is an excellent writer and you feel as if you are there with them.  For those of us who one day plan on hiking the PCT, or those who have already done it, this book is mandatory reading.

This book includes the excellent photography of Bart Smith, who has also hike the PCT many times.  For those of us who plan on photographing the PCT, this book is also mandatory.  It is useful to look at Bart's pictures, but unfortunately there is no commentary from Bart except the Preface.

Unfortunately Bart did not hike the trail the same time as Karen and Daniel.  This means the pictures are often of the same location, but not the same time (as an example a Winter photograph while Karen and Daniel are experiencing Spring).  If the pictures and text had better continuity, this book would have receive a 5 star rating.  Because it didn't, it only gets a 4 star rating.

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