The View of Lake Sylvia from our campsite
Lake Sylvia
Distance: 9.8 Miles (roundtrip)
Starting Elevation:  6,760 feet
Ending Elevation: 8,080 feet
Elevation Gain: 1,320 feet
Topo Maps: Pyramid Peak
Trailhead: Lyons Creek Trailhead

Lake Sylvia is located along the Lyons Creek trail.  If you follow this trail to the end, it will take you to Lyons Lake.  Lake Sylvia is slightly closer, less crowded, and has better fishing.

This trip starts at the Lyons Creek trailhead.  To get to the trailhead take Highway 50 to Wrights Lake Road (36 miles from Highway 49 in Placerville).  Drive 8 miles up Wrights Lake Road to a trailhead parking area on your right (0.2 miles before the Wrights Lake Information Kiosk).  Try to park at the South end of the parking loop.

Follow the trail northeast.  When you reach the intersection for Bloodsucker Lake, continue northeast (right) and continue to Lake Sylvia.  Approximately 2 miles into your trip you will officially enter Desolation Wilderness.

Craig Entering the Desolation

Lyons Creek viewed from the 

Meadow filled with wildflowers just past the 

Lake Sylvia has some excellent campsites on the western shore.  Lake Sylvia is known for their population of Brook Trout which don't grow large but are very aggressive.  From Lake Sylvia side trips can be made to Lyons Lake or to Pyramid Peak.

Our campsite on the western shore of Lake Sylvia

Brook Trout caught 30' from our campsite

Trail Tips
Phone ahead - Reserve your permit by phone, you can pick it up in person
Bring a rod - The fishing is great in the Desolation Wilderness
Catch and Release - If you do bring a rod catch and release

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