Unusual rock formations of Devils
Devils Postpile
Distance: 1 Mile (roundtrip)
Elevation: 7,610 feet
Topo Maps:  Mammoth Mtn., Crystal Crag
Trailhead: Soda Springs


The trail is often crowded and extremely dusty.  The unusual rock formations do make the short trip worthwhile.  Many choose to continue the trail to Rainbow Falls.

To get to the trailhead go to the Soda Springs parking lot and go towards the Ranger Station.

The unusual postpile was formed as a result of volcanic activity over 100,000 years ago.  Liquid rock cooled, solidified, contracted, and cracked to form the present-day vertical columns.

Trip References:
Schaffer, Jefferey P. 1996.  High Sierra Hiking Guide Devils Postpile.  Berkeley: Wilderness Press.

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