North Dome viewed from Yosemite Valley
Upcoming Trips

November 6, 1999
A number of my co-workers and I will be attempting North Dome.

10/21/99 Update
We haven't really had the time to hit the trail lately.  In the not-so distant future, we do plan on attempting some the following trips (weather and time permitting):

- North Dome in Yosemite (Novenber 6)
- Mt. Hoffman in Yosemite (December 1)
- Mt. Dana in Yosemite
- Dick's Lake in Desolation Wilderness
- Half Moon and Alta Morris Lakes in Desolation Wilderness
- Mt. Tallac in Desolation Wilderness (December 4)
- Lake Ediza in the Ansel Adams Wilderness
- Thousand Island Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness

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