Vernal Falls viewed from the Vernal 
Falls Bridge
Our Favorite Hikes in our favorite National Park

Half Dome
North Dome
Yosemite Falls
Vernal and Nevada Falls
Cathedral Lakes
Fissures at Taft Point
Sentinel Dome
Bridalveil Falls
Yosemite FAQ (Common Questions)
Pictorial of Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park encompasses scenic wild lands set aside in 1890 to preserve a portion of the Sierra Nevada.  Ranging from 2,000 feet to more than 13,000 feet in elevation, Yosemite contains a wide variety of scenery ranging for towering waterfalls to huge sheer granite formations.  Hikers, Backpackers, Photographers, Rock Climbers, Painters, Tourists, and Everyone all find something unique and special in Yosemite.

Each year Yosemite receives approximately 4,000,000 visitors.

The heart of Yosemite National Park is Yosemite Valley.  Yosemite is a classic glacier-carved valley surrounded by enormous waterfalls, rounded domes, massive monoliths, and towering cliffs.

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